May 25 2014

Sushi des Artistes


Sushi des Artistes calls itself a creative Japanese restaurant, and they think they offer a new and original sushi style that has a mixture of different cuisines, like French, and uses ingredients like foie gras, truffles, caviar. Whilst the food was beautiful and did use unusual ingredients, some of the combinations I did not think were amazing, and there are other restaurants like Yashin (MMMMM) which do this creative Japanese style much better.

Sushi des Artistes opened quite recently South Kensington, London, and also has a branch in Marbella, Spain, which they opened 6 years ago. Sushi des Artistes in their home page says that the concept is not to serve just good food but also interior, service, atmosphere are very important. Whilst I did think the interior was beautiful and creative, with sort of nautical style and blue, white and red colours dominating all the interior, the restaurant was empty, and so the atmosphere was not great. We came here during a bank holiday weekend, which I guess could explain a bit why it was empty, but still not great. The restaurant is quite big and I think only 2 or 3 tables were occupied which meant it was very quiet. Also I did not think the service was particularly impressive here.

The food was not cheap. The 5 of us having lunch decided to opt for their lunch menu for £19 which left me hungry and I did not even feel like I had amazing food. The lunch menu consisted of a small miso soup, seaweed salad and then a plate of their creative sushi, whole 6 pieces in total!! The miso soup and the seaweed salad were ok, the sushi were topped with their creative ingredients, some of which I did not like at all, and they had fruit in the middle of the sushi plate, which I thought was very wrong. Fruit does not go together with sushi. I was so hungry after this, that when some of my friends opted for dessert, I ordered a tuna roll of 4 pieces. I thought the fish used was good, not amazing.

I can see what this place is trying to do – be beautiful and according to them be a “Beautiful place for beautiful people and fashionable place for fashionable people”, but somewhere it just all goes wrong in my view. The décor is beautiful, but the food is expensive, and I don’t mind going to Yashin and paying a lot for the food where it is mouthwatering delicious, but here it isn’t. Plus they take this creativity a step too far with the fruit with the sushi.

Date: 25/ 05/ 14
Location: South Kensington
Price for 5 people with some alcohol and service charge: £223.76

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Sushi des Artistes
85 Sloane Avenue SW3 3DX
United Kingdom
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