Nov 3 2012

Sushi Tetsu


Sushi Tetsu is the most amazing and homely and sweet sushi place in London, and I really want to work hard and earn loads of money just so I can afford to go there more. Sushi Tetsu has been named one of the best new restaurants in London by the Hardens guide and received recognition from various other food critics and it is located in Clarkenwell on a small alley way and run by a husband and wife, Harumi and Toru Takahashi. The husband is the sushi chef and the wife does everything else from welcoming you, to taking your order and to washing the dishes. The place only seats 7 people, as the sushi chef physically cant make more sushi for more people, so it is extremely cozy in the room as you sit by the sushi counter and watch the husband make sushi. We had a 6.15 booking an we arrived at 6, and as we had to go to a party afterwards we asked the wife if we could finish our meal in 1h, which I am sure could be interpreted a bit rude in the Japanese culture as they take sushi seriously, a sushi chef is like a family tradition and this job is being inherited from father to son in generations.  The menu is very small and features only sushi, and as we did not know what fish to order, we decided to have one of the 3 Omakase (the smaller one which would take the least time), which means tasting menu, so we just relied on the chef to create mouthwatering sushi and sashimi for us. Appearantly, as the wonderful chef’s wife explained, most people chose these tasting menus. I also wanted to drink some sake and I was advised by the wife to select a medium dry sake as that appearantly tasted the best warm, which is how I wanted my sake, and the sake I have to say was absolutely amazing, extremely delicious, when it arrived, and one of the nicest sakes I have had. The 2 of us were the only people in the sushi place, and only at 6.30 the next 2 people arrived which is nice, as people are spaced out and the chef can focus more on serving each group. When we were seated we were given a small bown of lovely edamame, it was truly delicious, not too salty but tended and nice to eat. The wife saw my big camera and explained that if I wanted to take any pictures I should ask the sushi chef for permission to be polite, which I did, and he nodded and let me take pictures of the edamame beans and the rest of the food. Note when I asked if I could take a picture of him making the sushi he told me “no” which means I unfortunately could not capture the amazing way in which he makes the sushi. The first thing that the chef made for us were 7 different types of fish as sashimi. We had tuna, salmon, prawns, slightly cooked with the fire cooker scallops, mackerel and some other fish that I think was sea bream and also something similar to herring, but I am not sure. It was absolutely amazing watching the chef create this dish together in front of you, as he took such care and precision in creating every single piece of sashimi, and there were around 50 different things in terms of garnish on the plate, some extremely small, which were carefully selected and added to the plate. The fish tasted amazing, Sushi Tetsu tries to select the finest ingredients, according to their website, and you could really taste it here. Every single piece of fish was mouthwatering and I did not know I could like fish as much as I did. Next we watched the chef create the most amazing nigiri sushi for us, and we got 4 different pieced of nigiri, and the chef made 2 of them at the same time, 1 for each of us, and he carefully took his time and made each sushi and put his “special soy sauce” on top of them so we did not need to do anything else apart from eat each piece of sushi as soon as they arrived. Chef’s wife explained that to have the best taste of sushi you should not bite it into half, but you should eat it as soon as it arrives in front of you and also you should not put ginger on top of the fish as the pickled ginger that was sitting on the plate in front of us was only to clean the palatte and they only recommended to eat this in between the fish. We had the most amazing tuna, salmon and other types of fish and everything was just incredible. I have no idea how he made each sushi taste as amazing as it did, but this was totally a different sushi experience for me. Next time when I pick up some itsu sushi for lunch I will eat it with a sad heart remembering the 100x better (incoparable actually) sushi at Sushi Tetsu. After the 4 nigiri we got a small rool (each 3 pieces) of with fatty tuna, and then another roll that was filled with clam and cucumer. I loved the roll with the fatty tuna, and even though I also liked the roll with the clam, it was not my favourite one. The last thing that we were served was this eel and cucumber parcel and once again it was just amazing, and one of the nicest eel dishes I have had, and that says a lot as I am usually not the biggest fan of eel unless it is extremely well prepared like it was here in Sushi Tetsu. We watched the chef apply some sauce on it, then flame it, then apply more sauce on it, then add various small little garnishes, a touch of wasabi, before it was rolled into the seaweed. So much preparation goes into every single piece of sushi. This place is not cheap, but it is amazing, and I thoroughly recommend you go here for a special occasion, as this is just like being in a traditional sushi place in Japan.


Price for 2 including alcohol and service charge: £137.14

Date: 03/11/12

Location: Clarkenwell 

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Sushi Tetsu
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