Aug 17 2012


I loved Taqueria when I went there for the first time a few weeks ago, and I had the most authentic Mexican meal I have had in London. Taqueria is a small, very casual restaurant located in Notting Hill (but note one of my friends spotted Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney having a meal there!!!), and is one of the few places in the UK that makes its own tortillas for tacos.  The tacos there are amazing and unbelievably delicious; almost identical to the ones I had in Mexico on a street corner when I went there last year. Taqueria also serves killer margaritas and I only needed 1 margarita to be very happy. 


Taqueria looks like a little café, the décor is plain, but that is part of the charm, as this is how it would look like if this place was in Mexico city. I went there on a Friday evening before heading to the cinema, and I ordered some “Enchiladitas Suizas de Poblanas”, recommended by our waitress, which were mini corn tortillas baked with Poblano, cheese and creme sauce. These turned out to  be tortillas in a lot of cheese, delicious and a nice guilty pleasure for a Friday evening. Afterwards we had some tacos, which are the small round corn tortillas with things added on the top and left open for you to fold yourself. We had 2 tacos, the “Tinga taco” which had shredded chicken in a spicy chile chipotle, onion and tomato sauce with sliced avocado and another taco called “Carnitas” which had shredded slow cooked pork, green salsa, pickled jalapeño, diced onion, coriander. I preferred the pork ones as I did not think the avocado went well with the chicken, but despite this minor fact both tacos were amazing. We finished our meal by having a tostada, which is like a taco, just 2x the size, and it was intriguingly called “Vampiro” and had char grilled tortilla, melted cheese, char grilled skirt steak. It was delicious as well, although I realised I prefer tacos that don’t have cheese on them. To accompany all this we ate the “Arroz a la Mexicana y plátano frito” which was Mexican rice with peas and carrots with fried plantain, which was delicious and I could have had much more. 


I will be going back soon, and this time will just have loads and loads of tacos and maybe push myself and have 2 margaritas. Taqueria offers a great casual meal in London. 


Price for 2 including 1 margarita, bottle of beer and service charge: £44.55

Date: 17/08/12

Location: Notting Hill

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139 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RS
United Kingdom
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