Jul 30 2014


Tartufo is a modern European restaurant with an Italian bias by Sloane Square, in Cadogan Gardens. I decided to go there as I saw their stand in the Taste of London festival in Regents Park and even though I did not try their food it looked really appetising, so I booked a table there for dinner on a Wednesday evening. I was also very surprised I had not heard about it before, but that is because this place is only a year old. My friend Rob also was telling me, before I went, that he really liked it.


Tartufo is located on the lower ground floor of a red-brick Victorian mansion-block, which also houses a hotel, which is an unusual location for a restaurant but adds a lot of charm. Inside the restaurant is very smart and has beige leather chairs and art books and vintage prints by Jean Cocteau and cult Belgian illustrator Jean-Michel Fólon. The main chef at Tartufo is Manuel Oliveri. The thing that caught my attention when looking at the menu was their truffle tasting menu which had 6 courses with truffles for just £65 per person. I have paid this sort of money for one pasta dish with truffles in a restaurant so this looked super cheap to me. Had I not been in the mood to have a slightly smaller meal, I would have definitely gone for this tasting menu. Instead we ordered from the a la carte menu which is divided into “promo”, “secondo”, “terzo” and dessert courses and you can pay £30 for 2 courses, £35 for 3 courses and £40 for 4 courses, which I think is also great value for money.


We ordered 2 courses for £30 each but as we later discovered the portions were not that big (big enough for me but my boyfriend wanted more food) and it is better to have 3 or 4 courses. We had a nice little amuse bouche even before we looked at the menu which had a piece of bread with cream and the nice fried risotto balls, both very nice. Bread was also good – quite varied and with nice olive oil. As our first course we actually chose something from the “secondo” section which had pastas and risotto, and I ordered “Tortellini Al Tartufo Nero” or Summer Truffle Tortellini with Fresh Walnut & Mascarpone and my boyfriend ordered “Risotto Allo Zafferano e Animelle” or Saffron Risotto, Roasted Veal Sweetbread and Franciacorta Sauce. Both dishes were mouth-watering delicious. There was so much flavour in my tortellini and I loved the crushed walnut there that added a slight hint of nuttiness to the dish and they gave me a lot of truffle. My boyfriends risotto was equally good, cooked perfectly, not too hard and not too soft and with the best consistency, very very good dish.


For our second course we chose something from the “terzo” section and I went for “Anatra” or Roasted Duck Breast, Baby Leeks & Girolle Mushrooms and Herb Mash Potato & Green Peppercorn Sauce and my boyfriend ordered “Rana Pescatrice” or Nori Wrapped Fillet of Monkfish with Creamy Artichoke & Green Peas, Young Onion Salad and Clams & Lemon sauce. I thought my duck was a bit better than my boyfriends monkfish. They gave me a lot of duck, perfectly cooked slightly pink, cut into small slices and I am always suspicious when given leeks and here I liked them. I also enjoyed the mash and the mushrooms. My boyfriend chose the monkfish dish as they told him it was quite creative, wrapped in nori and sort of like cooked sushi and it was interesting, but the portion was quite small and I just thought taste wise my dish was better. I was not a huge fan of the creamy artichoke and green peas.


A few days later I looked at the bill and I realised that even though our bill had come up to £101.81, I had been charged £181.81 so a whole £80 more. I sent Tartufo an email and they were quick to give me back the money and even invited me back for a free lunch. All good so far, however when I emailed them back to get my free lunch, they never responded to my email! Tartufo gets 1 small m less due to this, promising something and then not delivering.


Date: 30/ 07/ 14

Price for 2: £101.81

Location: Sloane Square

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11 Cadogan Gardens SW3 2RJ
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