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Terroirs is a wonderful place where you go with your friends for a few glasses of amazing wine and some top class French food that you share in a very relaxed atmosphere. Terroir comes from the French word “terre”, meaning land, and means the conditions in which the food or grapes (for wine) are grown or produced and these conditions and climate then give the food its unique characteristic (I know, quite confusing). Terroirs is a very “associated with land” kind of restaurant, located next to Charring Cross station on the verge of Covent Garden and it serves more than 200 types of wine, including natural wines (unfiltered wines with no added acid, sugar or sulphur made from biodynamical grown organic grapes) and French food. Terroirs has 2 floors, ground floor and basement and the menu is slightly different in each, and the ground floor serves smaller tapas size portions and downstairs serves a more formal menu of starters and main courses but both floors focus on “seasonal produce” so apparently the menu changes often. 


I had read a lot about Terroirs and the Hardens Guide says it is one of the top 40 most mentioned places in London, so I was always keen to go there, and when my friend David asked me where we should go for a catch up dinner, I chose Terroirs. I had initially booked the downstairs area, but after studying the menu in detail on the day when we were going there, I realised I liked the tapas dishes on the ground floor more and Terroirs was nice enough to reallocate my reservation to ground floor. The place looks very cozy, it has wooden chairs, a bar on one side of the room and above the bar you can read some cool things like Terroirs advice how to eat sardines. 


I was on a strict “I want to look like Jessica Ennis” diet so I was not having any wine, but David was really impressed with the big book of wines the waitress brought us, and ordered a glass. We decided to choose some tapas from the menu and the menu featured 8 different types of charcuterie including terrines and 4 different types of cheese as well as 12 different tapas size dishes and 4 bigger dishes. David and I decided to start our meal by getting some Petit Luques Olives, which are the longer and thinner green olives that come from southern France. We then decided to share 4 tapas dishes and even though I would have liked to go for the cheese and charcuterie I thought my Jessica Ennis diet won’t approve of that, so we ordered some Heritage Tomatoes served with Oregano & Olive Oil, Steak Tartare, Pork Rillons with Lentil Vinaigrette and a Gem Salad. 


I thoroughly enjoyed all the food, but I was very puzzled by the heritage tomato dish. The dish cost £8.5 and you got 8 slices of tomatoes for this, I have never seen a worse value for money dish, and even though the tomatoes were very nice, colourful like you can only find in Whole Foods supermarket, I did think this was excessive. The steak tartare and the pork dishes cost the same amount as the tomato dish and offered significantly more value for your money. The steak tartare was delicious and slightly spicy (the waitress had asked me if I wanted it spicy) and the pork and lentil dish was also very delicious, the pork was cut in small pieces and the lentils were amazing, I have not had such nice lentils in a while. The gem salad (£4, so this salad was more reasonably priced) was nice and had chunks of lettuce drizzled with some vinegar and sauce. 


I do think Terroirs is very enjoyable, you go there with friends, have a few glasses of wine, wine lovers will love this place, and get good quality food.


Price for 1 including a glass of wine and service charge: £49.22

Date: 14/08/12

Location – Charring Cross

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