Oct 13 2012

Thai Square


Thai Square is a chain serving Thai food with 11 restaurants in London and 6 restaurants outside of London. The first restaurant in the Strand (the one I went to) was opened in 1996. Before this visit last time I went to Thai Square was about 7 years ago when I was still a student (the Strand Thai square was close to my university), and I did like it then, but unfortunately the place did let me down this time when I went there and even though the place is not that cheap, it feels like a cheap eatery these days. As a starter I had the Tom Yum Goong soup which is a spicy Thai soup made with prawns, lemongrass and lime leaves. It was typical and it was nice, but I though the really small portion of the soup they gave me for the >£5 was bad, and they could have at least filled the bowl they served the soup in. My friend Amala had the deep fried squid sprinkled with spring onions, chillies, salt and pepper, which looked very very deep fried, the colour of the squid was almost turning black. And my friend Dami had “Goong Chub” which was deep fried prawns in batter and bread crumbs, served with sweet chilli sauce, and once again the prawns had been absolutely murdered with the batter. If KFC would do prawns, this is a dish they would make. For my main course I ordered a prawn salad called “Pla Goong” which according to the menu had “prawns cooked with lemongrass, lime and Thai fresh herbs mixed with hot dressing”, but in reality it was a salad with a lot of lettuce, few prawns and also I thought it did not have enough dressing and enough of the Thai flavours. So after the soup and the salad, I was still feeling extremely hungry as I did not feel like I had had a proper meal, despite the fact that I had paid £14 already just for the food. My friend Dami had the Satay Chicken which had Marinated and char-grilled chicken served with spicy peanut sauce, which you can see in the picture and my friend Amala went for the chicken green curry called “Gang Kiew Wan”, and it was your typical green curry made with coconut milk, fresh chillies with bamboo shoots. I tried a bit and though it was extremely watery and only with a few pieces of chicken that were gone very quickly and then you were left with this liquid with a few bamboo shoots swimming around. After the meal as I said I was still feeling hungry so I had a rice pudding with mango, which was nice, and the best part of my meal (probably because it was so sweet), and Amala had a scoop of ice cream that you can see in the picture. I would much rather prefer to go to Patara or another Thai restaurant and spend a bit more and get much better value for money. In the end we spent a bit less than £30 each, but we got average food, and for this kind of money in London you can get amazing food (in Pitt Cue Co, Chicken Shop to name a few), so there is no reason these days why you should have a mediocre meal and pay quite a bit for it.

Date: 13/ 10/ 12

Price for 3 including, including service charge, no alcohol: £85

Location: branches across London

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Thai Square
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