Jan 6 2013

Tierra! Tierra!

I needed a break from sailing so I persuaded my boyfriend to go to the Scrub Island Beach Resort on Scrub Island to stay for a night, which is a lovely 5 star resort. There are two places where you can eat in the resort the more casual, by the pool restaurant Tierra! Tierra! as well as the more upscale restaurant Caravela. We went to Tierra! Tierra! for lunch. 


Tierra! Tierra! is located by the pool and offers great views of the marina and the surrounding islands. Some people even swim in the pool to the restaurant and order drinks whilst in the water. The menu was interesting, and more extensive than at the other restaurants we had visited earlier during the trip, and as it was a Sunday and they were serving Sunday brunch when we visited, all the dishes you ordered came with a complementary drink, either bloody Mary, mimosa or champagne. 


At first, the waiters brought us some bread which was croissants cut in pieces which I found a bit strange and the usual cheap New Zealand butter you get everywhere in the British Virgin Islands. The funny thing was that the food arrived before the cocktails had and we had to remind them about our drinks (my boyfriend had champagne and I opted for a bloody mary which was ok). As for the food I ordered a seared tuna and my boyfriend ordered a hen with rice and fried plantains. The tuna was delicious, good quality fish and only a tiny bit seared on the side and it was served with wasabi, the Japanese pickled ginger, some seaweed and Japanese pickled cucumbers and it was just delicious to eat all of this together, a very nice dish. The hen was nice too, a very typical dish in the BVI, there was nothing particularly special about the rice, the hen or the plantains just good casual food, but it was nicely presented, better than in other places, and overall it was a very nice lunch with a beautiful view. 


Date: 06/01/13

Location: Scrub Island, BVI

Price for 2, alcohol included in the brunch and service charge: $60

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Tierra! Tierra!
Scrub Island Resort
Scrub Island
British Virgin Islands
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