Nov 30 2013

Tommi’s Burger Joint


Tommi’s Burger Joint is burger restaurant that originally comes from Iceland (there are many Tommi’s Burgers restaurants now in Iceland) and now Tommi’s has also come to London. Tommi’s started as a pop up in Marylebone last summer and operated there for a few months. I went there for a burger and really enjoyed it. A few months later it closed, as they had always planned, and then a few months ago they opened a permanent restaurant on Marylebone High Street.

In case you are wondering who is Tommi, like my boyfriend was, when he entered the restaurant, Tommi is a now a very old Icelandic man (there was a picture of him in the restaurant which you can see in my pictures below) who started the burger empire in Iceland. Needless to say, he was not hanging around the Marylebone branch.

The restaurant looks very similar to the pop up, almost exactly the same, from the outside the burger joint is in a black colour and the letters saying this is the Tommi’s Burger Joint are white. I really liked the ambience, both of the pop up, and now of the restaurant when I entered, it was very sort of Scandinavian warm. There is an open kitchen on one side of the room (only one small room at Tommi’s Burger Joint) and you can watch good looking Scandinavian style men with tattoos and Scandinavian cool cooking burgers. There is a fridge on one side and you are invited to pay for your own drinks and then take them yourself, people trust you will take what you paid for. There is also an amazing shelf full of different sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, mustard, jalapeno peppers, pickles, etc, many amazing things that you are welcome to approach and use and just take whatever you like. The whole restaurant just feels welcoming, warm, casual, cool, and there was even a motto “sharing is caring” which means you should share tables when it gets busy. The restaurant has casual tables, mainly for four people, with high stools. There is none of that pretentious Meat Liquor vibe going on here, even though this is a smaller (seats only 30 people) and also no reservations place, they do this whole no reservations thing in a nicer more human way.

The menu is written in handwriting on pieces of paper and a blackboard next to the till. We ordered one “offer of the century”, which included burger, fries and soda and cost £9.90 (as I wanted a cheeseburger, I paid £0.6 more). Apart from a normal burger and a cheeseburger, you could also have a veggie burger or a steak burger, so the menu is super limited, only four different burgers, but you can add bacon, béarnaise or cocktail sauces to your burger, so you can get your burger the way you like it and pay a bit extra for it. There are no sides and the only other thing you can get here is fries. This is probably the most limited menu of any burger restaurant, not that it matters as most people just come for the burger. The handwritten menu stated that their burgers are cooked medium (when I looked at the burger to me it almost looked medium/ rare) and are served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard, and if you would like your burger in any other way, you need to let them know.

My boyfriend and I were shopping for things for our flat, so we came here relatively early at around 11.45 and by this time only two other tables were occupied, hence we only had to wait around 10 minutes for our food to arrive. We had ordered two cheeseburgers and one portion of fries. My boyfriend loved the cheeseburger and thought this was one of the best burgers in London. I have problems deciding still which one is my favourite burger in London, as there are so many good ones, and all of them have slight differences and I can’t work out which one I like most, but this Tommi’s burger was like a mix between a burger of Shake Shack (which is smaller, easily compressed and eaten) and a burger in Meat Liquor (which is bigger). It was easy to eat it and hold it. I pimped my burger with pickles, which you can see in the picture as well as ketchup and it was perfect, just like I wanted it. I did not mind that it was sort of medium/ rare. It was a good, delicious burger. The fries were less impressive, they were not bad, they were sort of ok, but nothing special.

Tommi’s does serve a good burger, but why I like this place so much is the cool Scandi relaxed atmosphere you can really feel when you are in Tommi’s Burger Joint which is so much nicer than the pretentious vibe you can get in some other burger restaurants in London.

Date: 30/ 11/ 13
Location: Marylebone
Price for 2 people for food, with a bottle of beer and no service charge: £20.50

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Tommi’s Burger Joint
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