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I had read many reviews about this new restaurant in Shoreditch on Rivington Street and owned by the HIX group, and so when my Latvian girl friends asked me where to hold our catch up dinner I suggested this place. I have noticed that the trend in London restaurants these days is to have a very small and focused menu, a lot of the places where I have been recently offer a small choice of carefully thought out dishes, and Tramshed is one of these places that for the main course only offers steak and chicken (and some salads with steak and chicken). You can have a chicken (they call it Roast Woolley Park Farm free-range chicken) for 1 person, which costs £15 (smaller chicken like the one I had) and also a bigger chicken that is supposed to be for 2/3 people and costs £25 (this looks much cooler, and if you go to Tramshed I suggest you have this one). The chicken is presented in a very cool style with the legs and bum up, and even though some people have called it a bit gross, I think it is really cool and authentic, and I would much rather eat a nicely and funky presented chicken. 


I ate chicken in Tramshed and my 3 friends (all of them) had steak and we all shared chips and small pieces of courgettes as a side dish. I thought the chicken was nice, as nice as a chicken can be, and as I said I loved the presentation. The steak apparently was not amazing according to my Latvian girls, but then again you pay only £18 for it (including chips) so I think for the price it probably was ok. Tramshed also offers 3 starter dishes (I did not have any) and 4 deserts, and we all shared the strawberries and cream desert which cost us £5.75 and for this price we got 7 strawberries + cream, which seems a bit of a steep price. 


But what I really liked about Tramshed was the vibe and the environment, you could see a big Damien Hirst piece in the middle of the room of a big cow (which apparently used to be alive) and a chicken on top of it (see the picture below). I have not been to see his latest exhibition in Tate Modern but my 2 latvian girlfriends that have been there told me you can see very similar cows there, so I thought it was quite cool how I could have dinner and enjoy a bit of modern art in the same place. Tramshed has got high ceilings and has a bit of a New York vibe which I also very much enjoyed. So overall I think if you love steak or chicken then definitely go there to have these dishes in a cool environment and authentically presented, but needless to say vegetarians will be feeling very sad when they go there.  


Price for 4 people including service charge and 4 ciders: 132.50

Date – 24/07/12

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