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Tredwell’s is the new restaurant by Marcus Wareing. In comparison to his flagship 2 Michelin star restaurant Marcus (recently renamed from Marcus Waring to Marcus), Tredwell’s does not aim to get a Michelin star and aims to serve people cheaper Marcus Waring influenced food in Covent Garden. I had read a lot of reviews of this restaurant, most of them negative. I generally thought this was because people wanted to be mean to Marcus Waring like people can to do with famous chefs, but when I went there, the restaurant had so many problems, I could see where the negative reviews were coming from.

My boyfriend booked Tredwell’s for a Saturday night (on Valentine’s day) at 9.30pm, as they said they did not have an earlier table. However when we arrived at 9.15, they could seat us immediately and the restaurant was not even half full, so how they decided they did not have space before 9.30 is a bit strange to me. You can either sit upstairs or downstairs and we were sat downstairs. I quite liked the décor in brown shades but my boyfriend did not. Also what surprised us was how bad the service was.  There was only 1 waiter serving our area, which means we had to wait a long time for anyone to come to us (my boyfriend got up to get the menus himself as we were tired of waiting for them), take our order, etc… the service in general was un-attentive and not enough.

The menu consisted of “snacks’, “starters”, “mains”, “sides”, “puddings” and children’s dishes. We ordered one snack, the “pulled pork belly, ginger & apple slider” for £3. The waiter tried to get us to order 2 of these, as for £3 you only got 1 burger, but we insisted on just having 1 and sharing it. It was small when it arrived, as we expected, but it was quite nice, with a soft bread and nice pulled pork belly filling. Quite nice few bites to start the meal. Initially I was quite excited when I saw Tredwell’s menu, as it served modern London food but had a lot of Asian influence, the food was a bit fusion-y and eclectic, which I like. I ordered “prawns, white polenta, roast garlic, chicken broth” starter for £8.50 and my boyfriend went for the “slow cooked salmon, spirulina, cauliflower” for £7. What surprises me was that the cauliflower and spirulina that came with the salmon were not hot, they were sort of warm, but definitely not the temperature that food in a restaurant should be served at. The slow cooked salmon was very nice, really tasty and unusual, but the spirulina and cauliflower in my view did not go with the rest of the dish and were a bit messy and not needed there. Prawns with white polenta was my favourite dish of the meal. The prawns were cut halfway (maybe so it looks like there are 2x more prawns than there actually are) and were well cooked and interesting and pleasant to have with the white polenta, very enjoyable.

The main course I ordered was “smoked, braised beef short rib” for £29, the most expensive main course on the menu and my boyfriend went for the “duck confit, buttered cabbage” for a more reasonable £13. We also ordered two sides, the kale slaw for £3.5 and the polenta fries with smoked tomato dip for £4.5. I also quite fancied the “warm heritage carrot salad” for £5, which was in their starter section, so we ordered this. The smoked braised beef short rib was quite nice, there was a lot of meat there, and it did fall quite easily off the bone, not quite there though, but it is debatable whether it deserved to be £29, my boyfriend clearly did not think so. The duck confit was not very nice, it was quite a plain dish to serve, the duck did not blow you away and the buttered cabbage did feel quite buttery. This is the sort of dish you can expect to see in one of those chain restaurants on the high street. The kale slaw did not have any seasoning and it was extremely bland, and I am not quite sure kale works in slaw. It was not nice to eat. The carrot salad was another disappointment, they did have colourful carrots in the salad but not enough, and they were served with some garnish and not a very tasty carrot puree, the dish looked pretty but the taste was very plain, and I would have been disappointed had I ordered this as a starter. The only side dish that I really liked were the polenta fries, these were delicious. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, gluten free and very tasty, almost tastier than normal fries, I wonder why more places don’t offer them on the menu.

Even the next day after our meal my boyfriend was complaining about it and saying how not very good the meal was, overpriced, with not very tasty dishes and bad service.

Date: 14/ 02/ 15
Location: Covent Garden
Price for 2 people with alcohol: £134.44

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