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This week was the week of the "E" restaurant that I had to choose (as a reminder every week my boyfriend and I chose a restaurant that serves cuisine based on a letter of the alphabet and we have already done "A" to "D" and now was the week of "E"). Before we went to Verru, my boyfriend told me he thought I would take him to an Eritrean or an Ethiopian restaurant but when I told him to meet me near Bond Street station he changed his mind to Egyptian. None of these guesses were right and instead I had stumbled upon what looked like to be an Estonian restaurant!!! Latvia has 2million people and we do not have a Latvian restaurant in London, so I thought it quite interesting Estonia, a country which is even smaller (1.5mn people) has a restaurant (there is definitely a feeling of jealousy as well, Estonia now have a restaurant, they invented Skype, they bailed out Latvia during the financial crisis a few years ago!!!). But despite all this, I was extremely keen to try Verry located in Marylebone. Technically Verru calls itself a Scandinavian/ Baltic restaurant according to their website and tries to blend these flavours from both parts together, but the head chef is Estonian. The decor inside is quite plain and modern, very similar to the décor in Scandinavian restaurants. 


When the waitress brought us the menus I was a bit disappointed as I did not see there that many things that I thought were Baltic, and most things looked European. Estonian food is very similar to Latvian food and I have been to quite a few Scandinavian restaurants within Scandinavia and outside so I was confused about the menu which I did think lacked influences from these places and had a bit too much emphasis on European food and had things like crab cakes, scallops and quail, things I had never tried before leaving Latvia, so definitely not part of our cuisine. As a starter I tried to order one of the few traditional things I saw on the menu, herring with blinis (small pancakes) and my boyfriend had the Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Cream Sauce. I did not like my herring dish and thought the flavours were extremely overpowering, although the presentation of the dish was beautiful, as all the things were scattered nicely around a bright red plate. The herring on my plate had a very strong flavour and there was not enough of blini to eat with it, and everything else on the plate also had very strong taste. And I have the same criticism about the meatballs, meatballs are a heavy thing to eat and I have never seen them being served on their one without potatoes (all Baltic and Scandi people love potatoes, this is part of our staple diet), so the meatballs were just too much to eat on their own. For the main course I had the halibut with buckwheat, cockles and vegetables just because I actually could not find a single traditional thing on the menu and my boyfriend had the “Perfectly Grilled Entrecôte, Chips, Nettle & Herb Sauce”. Once again the presentation of the dish was faultless, this time a green plate was used and all the things were nicely scattered around, but once again it was not that tasty, the buckwheat was the only thing that I liked as that was the only Baltic thing on the menu (my mum eats a lot of buckwheat). The fish did not taste amazing, the cockles were not great too and the vegetables just looked like small supermarket vegetables bought and put on the plate. The entrecote was ok, the chips that went with it were actually quite nice and I loved the small tube like size of them and also the nettle and herb sauce was delicious, but to serve an entrecote in this kind of restaurant is a bit strange, and I think they are just trying to compete with “Le relais de Venice d’Entercote” which is round the corner by trying to serve a cheaper steak. We also had a side dish of sauerkraut with bacon, as I love sauerkraut, and this was one of the few typical dishes on the menu, and whilst it was nice, it was not amazing and I could have made a better one. 


I did not like this restaurant too much and did not think the taste of a lot of dishes was great (although the presentation was) and also they can’t really call themselves an Estonian/Scandinavian restaurant when they don’t serve typical food.


Price for 2, no alcohol, including service charge: £67.39

Date: 12/09/12

Location: Marylebone

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