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The logo of this restaurant says it is the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant. When I was in Miami we decided we wanted some Cuban food, as there is a big Cuban influence in Miami (a whole area in Miami is called Little Havana) and neither me nor my boyfriend have been to Cuba, and we were trying to take advantage of the Latin influence we could get in Miami. Also we love casual and cool eating spots. I checked many travel guides and all of them said that Versailles was the place to go to for Cuban food, so we decided to go there. We were taking the Miami sighting bus and one of the bus stops is right outside of Versailles, so we got there easily. Versailles is located on a large road and besides the restaurant there is not much else going on in the area. When we got to the door at around 2.30pm there was a waiting list, and the lady at the door said it would take us 20/30 minutes to get a table (in the end we had to wait only around 15 minutes). When we got inside the place was buzzing. It is a very relaxed restaurant and it is known for large portions for good prices, so don’t expect much if you go there, but I really liked it. It is very casual and everyone seems to be having a nice meal there and most of the people there are Latin speaking but you do get some tourists like us. We ordered some Cuban Mojitos, which were delicious and quite strong as well. The menu is long and there are so many dishes to chose from that we felt a bit lost looking at the menu and had to ask the waitress for some help. Also whilst we were studying the menu, the waitress (and btw all the waitresses are dressed in a uniform in a green colour, same as the Versailles logo which I really liked) brought us some lovely bread that was warm and had some garlic butter melted on it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We did not want to overeat and so we just ordered 2 main courses, the Cuban sampler which was supposed to have everything on the plate, ground beef, roast pork, fried plantains, ham croqueta, black beans as well as another dish called “Ropa Vieja” which the waitress recommended which had shredded beef, rice and fried plantains. The Cuban sampler plate was great and it had everything and the portion was extremely large, and I loved the meat, the plantains, and all the other things. It was just a great hearty dish, nothing pretentious, just decent Cuban food that felt very much “home cooked”. The shredded beef was nice too, soft, tender and in a lovely sauce. For some cool Cuban casual food, a great relaxed atmosphere, definitely head to Versailles if you are in Miami. 


Date: 01/01/13

Price for including 2 Cuban Mojitos: $38 (and I left $7 service charge)

Location: Miami

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3555 SW 8th Street FL 33135
United States
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