Aug 29 2013

Viet Cuisine Restaurant


Viet Cuisine restaurant was the least impressive place we visited in Sapa. I was craving some fresh spring rolls for lunch and we were walking past this place so we decided to go there, as they were advertising in their window that they were offering 20% discount for everything as they had just opened. Viet Cuisine Restaurant is located at the end of the touristic Cau May street and serves Vietnamese as well as European dishes. 


The inside of the restaurant was quite nice. There were nice tablecloths and unpractical but nice cloth napkins and bottles of wine on the tables, I guess to attract tourists and have that welcoming feel (the wine bottles got removed from our table when we sat down). 


We did not want to eat much, so I just ordered some fresh spring rolls and some papaya salad to share with my boyfriend and he also ordered a vegetable soup. There were also some problems with the service. I don’t expect service to be great in Vietnam, but there were 3 people working in the restaurant and when I asked for something each of them just looked at each other and no one really wanted to help. 


The soup, when it arrived, was in a vivid green colour and the portion was quite small, but my boyfriend enjoyed it. My spring rolls were not great at all. We had had a course earlier during our holiday on how to make spring rolls and our teacher said that the most important thing was to roll them tight, and these were rolled super loosely, they were even worse than the ones my boyfriend had made during the cookery course. They also lacked a lot of the ingredients. They had carrots, cabbage and a bit of glass noodles, and a bit of coriander, but did not have mint, sesame seeds, peanuts, lettuce and all the other ingredients that make spring rolls so tasty. I also did not really like my papaya salad. It seemed to have strips of ham or some sort of meet in it, which is strange as a papaya salad is supposed to be vegetarian and if I was a vegetarian and got this, I would be furious. Also the taste just did not feel like it should do for a papaya salad.


The choice of restaurants in Sapa is not amazing, but this was the worst one that I visited during my stay there. 


Date: 29/ 08/ 13

Location: Sapa, Vietnam

Price for 2 people for a small meal, no alcohol: VND 180,000, and with the 20% discount it was VND 144,000 (£4.4) and I left VND 5000 tip 

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Viet Cuisine Restaurant
004b Muong Hoa street
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