Aug 29 2013

Viet Emotion


Before catching a train back to Hanoi we stopped for dinner in Lao Cai, the city that has a train station and which you use to get back to Hanoi, if you are visiting Sapa. There is not that much sightseeing or other things to do in Lao Cai, and people just pass by. We went to a restaurant Viet Emotion that our guide Pet recommended which was a short 2min walk away from the train station (you could see the train station from the restaurant). 


When we walked in we were seated in the spacious, yet extremely hot room (no air con) and it had other tourists there waiting for their train.  The menu was like any other menu in Sapa and had European dishes like pizza and pasta as well as Vietnamese dishes. I decided to go for the sweet chicken that was marinated in honey and spices (none of them hot) and then fried on a hot pan with vegetables. The portions here were smaller than in Sapa at first glance but I think they had the same amount of protein and the dishes had less vegetables and rice. The chicken had a slight sweet flavour to it and overall was quite nice and sizzling when it arrived. It came with a side plate of steamed rice and steamed vegetables and it was nice mixing all these things together before eating them. My boyfriend chose another chicken dish, sautéed chicken with cashew nuts, and I actually thought the flavour of his chicken was super similar to my one (something that I had found in another restaurants around  here, that many dishes seemed to taste the same), but nevertheless it was tasty. My boyfriend enjoyed it. 


Also another funny thing that attracted our attention was the wine fridge that you can see below in a picture had a nice little piece of advice stuck on to it. Would not make this restaurant as a target destination but if you are in Lao Cai and need some food you can definitely stop here. 


Date: 29/ 08/ 13

Location: Lao Cai, Vietnam

Price for 2 people with some alcohol and a bit of service charge that I left: VND 460,000 

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Viet Emotion
065 phan Dinh Phung str
Lao Cai
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