Jan 14 2015

Viet Grill


I love Vietnamese food and so it was very easy to persuade me to go to Viet Grill, a Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsland road, the road in London that houses many Vietnamese restaurants. Viet Grill is a pleasant Vietnamese restaurant as it has modern chairs, tables and is clean, it is not one of those dodgy ones, so if you are new to Vietnamese food, this is a good place where to try it. When I opened the menu thought I felt like I knew it and had seen it before, and the reason for this is, as I later found out, that Viet Grill is a sister restaurant to Cay Tre, another Vietnamese restaurant, which I often visit. The menu at Cay Tre is great in my view, so I did like the dishes I could get at Viet Grill.

You could order food a la carte or have one of their lunch set menus, where for around £10 you could get various combinations of Vietnamese dishes, great value for money. As we wanted to share quite a few random things we went for a la carte. We ordered the shrimp and papaya summer rolls, which were extremely similar to the ones in Cay Tre. I used to like the summer rolls at Cay Tre, but these days they put too much lettuce in for my liking, which changes the flavour and makes them less traditional and which is what Viet Grill did as well. Still nice nevertheless. We also ordered the green papaya salad with sesame cured beef, Thai basil, nuoc cham vinaigrette, which is my personal favourite, I love a good papaya salad, and here the ingredients were good and the sauce authentic and delicious, loved it.

I also love the Bun Sa bowls that have noodles, cucumber, bean sprouts, mixed herbs Vietnamese, crispy shallots, peanuts, nuoc cham with lemongrass and sautéed meat/fish, so we had to have one of these, and we chose the one with chicken. Once again the same as in Cay Tre, full of fresh ingredients, with lovely sauce and just oozing healthiness and happiness. Ed also chose the roasted whole mackerel for us with turmeric marinade, galangal, lemongrass, wrapped in banana leaf. Mackerel is a great fish and the spices did not overshadow it, they gave it a nice touch, good fish dish. We ate a vegetarian dish of mustard greens with the mackerel, which were cooked in a wok and had greens and mushrooms with chilli and garlic, a nice little side dish, easy to eat with vegetables still crunchy and that nice Asian flavour going through them. I also ordered something I had not seen on the menu before, the Hue (city in Vietnam that I have visited) Lemongrass Pig on Stick which was charcoaled in yellow bean sauce and wrapped with Vietnamese herbs. It was a good dish, the pork was soft and fell of the stick and was easy to eat, but did not blow me away.

The food at Viet Grill was almost the same as at Cay Tre, but I still somewhat prefer Cay Tre, I guess as I have had so many memorable meals there, not really because of the food. On this occasion we did not have a Pho, the traditional Vietnamese soup, which takes Viet Grill 18h to make, but you should have it next time you are there. Viet Grill  is  a good, solid Vietnamese restaurant where in a pleasant environment you can taste some of the signature dishes of Vietnam.

Location: Shoreditch
Date: 14/ 01/ 15
Price for 2 people, no alcohol, including service charge: £59.46

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Viet Grill
58 Kingsland Road E2 8DP
United Kingdom
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