Sep 2 2013

Vietnam House Restaurant


I went to Viet Nam House in Ho Chi Minh city as my travel guide mentioned it, but I had one of my worst meals in Vietnam there. Viet Nam House is located close to the busy touristy and shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh city and was about 10 minutes walk from my hotel. The restaurant is apparently located in a restored French colonial house. When we went there, there was live music, a lady playing the piano, which was sort of nice. 


When we arrived it was half full of tourists and we sat down by one of the tables. We noticed these many small fish tanks that were stacked up behind me with live fish living in very poor conditions (many many fish in a small tank waiting to be taken out and eaten). Viet Nam house serves Vietnamese and also some international dishes, but as we were keen to try as many Vietnamese dishes as we could, we wanted to go for Vietnamese ones and especially try the Ho Chi Minh specialities. 


My guide earlier during the day had suggested some Ho Chi Minh city specialities, so we wanted to order these, the “braised fish in clay pot” as well as the “sweet and sour fish soup”. Now came the funny bit as the waitress said we should have one of the live fish and use it in both of these dishes as they both use fish. We looked at the price difference and one of the half live squeezed in the tank groupers that she wanted to sell us was 1,500,000 VND (a massive £45 for a fish in Vietnam!!!) when if we just ordered these dishes from the menu and not chose the grouper it would be VND 250,000 (£7.5). The price difference was staggering and we did not really want to pay up to use this poor grouper but the waitress kept pushing and pushing, which was extremely annoying. After a while she gave up and just let us order a la carte.


The waitress was sort of right, none of the fish in the dishes was that amazing, but not sure that poor grouper would have made these dishes better. My boyfriend did not really like any of these dishes, the clay pot fish was very average and I liked the taste of the sweet and sour fish broth but was not really keen about all the things in the soup. We had also ordered “sautéed morning glory with garlic”, steamed rice as well as “sautéed chicken with lemongrass” and these dishes did not save the day. The morning glory was just quite average and the chicken dish was not tasty at all. It is really hard to mess up a chicken dish when you add lemongrass and other nice Asian spices and they had managed to do just that. 


Overall we had one of our worst meals here. The food was not great, none of the dishes I really enjoyed, the waitress was not great and pushy and it also turned out to be one of the most expensive meals we had in Vietnam, even without us going for the grouper.


Date: 02/ 09/ 13

Price for 2 people with alcohol and added service charge: VND 910,000 (£27)

Location: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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Vietnam House Restaurant
93-95 dong khoi street
Ho Chi Minh City
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