Sep 30 2013


I was working in Holland for a day and my colleagues from the Dutch office recommended Visaandeschelde as a delicious lunch place. Visaandeschelde is a fish and seafood restaurant and the main chef and owner Michiel Deenik has a wonderful motto “A day without good food is a day lost”, which I truly agree with. The restaurant seats 60 people and when we arrived there shortly past 12 for our lunch it was buzzing and almost all the seats were full, but as we had booked a table we were shown to one of the last available tables. The interior was very fun, it had white tablecloths so on one side it was formal, but it had cool big mirrors decorated with various sea objects in blue and the whole restaurant felt lively and welcoming.
We did not have much time, only 1h for lunch, so we did say that at the beginning to the waiter who did try to accommodate this and suggested what we should order. Before we ordered he also brought us two delicious amuse bouche, a little cake with fish mouse which was gorgeous and also a sorbet to cleanse our palette. At first we ordered a “Fruits de mer” platter and you could either have it with our without lobster and we had the one without lobster which cost EUR52. I have mixed feelings about the platter. I thought all the seafood there was delicious, however I was slightly puzzled about their selection of seafood there, it had way too many clams, razor clams, more small clams, and not enough prawns or any other seafood (they also had 4 oysters and a bit of scallops). So this meant I had quickly finished the few bits of scallops and prawns that I liked and was left with a lot of clams, which are nice but it is no fun to eat too many of them. In the end we had a lot of unfinished clams, as the four of us just could not finish so many. They do really need to think about their composition of Fruits de mer, as usually you get more of the other seafood things.
As for the main course all of us decided to go for the same thing, “Lemon sole with Dutch squid, Jerusalem artichoke, mushrooms and duckliver”. The lemon sole was topped with deep fried squid, the Jerusalem artichokes were next to the fish and the mushrooms were made into this tapenade and the most interesting thing was that the duckliver was made in a sauce that was poured over the dish. Very cool and interesting things were going on, on the plate, my only problem was that I thought the sauce and just everything on the plate was extremely strong flavoured, and was just too much for me, so I did not enjoy this too much. The flavours, like the sauce and the mushroom tapenade were super strong and overpowering and just overall even though I thought all the things on the plate were great and sort of creative, I just don’t think they made a nice dish together. The other people though that had this dish was quite good, so maybe it is my particular taste that just did not like it.
The waiter up till now had been great, bringing us the fruits de mer quickly, followed by the main courses but after we had finished our meal, we asked the waiter to quickly bring us the bill together with some coffee, and this is the part when everything sort of broke down. The waiter became a bit rude or arrogant, did not want to clean our plates, it took him ages to bring the bill and even thought we had 15minutes, he did not manage to bring us the coffee in this time, so we had to cancel it, it was just an awkward and a strange ending to what was quite a pleasant meal.
I think the concept of the restaurant is cool, I always like good seafood restaurants, and I really liked the décor of the place, it was funky, cosy and warm, I guess made like that by the tables being quite close to each other. However I did not like the service by the end of the meal and all the dishes just had something not quite right with them, and they were good just not excellent.
Date: 30/ 09/ 13
Lolocation: Amsterdam
Price for 4 people, no alcohol and no service charge: EUR 201.50

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Scheldeplein 4, 1078 GR
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