Oct 4 2013

Vogue Cafe

Vogue Café is one of the trendiest places in Moscow. It is situated in one of the best locations, next to expensive hotels, bars, restaurants, Bolshoi theatre, opposite Moscow’s prestigious department store Tsum and a short walk from the Kremlin. It is owned by Arkady Novikov in his never expanding restaurant empire, and to open the Vogue Café, he teamed up with Vogue publisher Conde Nast and in July 2003 the Vogue Café opened. The place is super trendy, they describe this as “understated Euro-chic” and when you walk in there is a casual bar where people can go in the evening or during the day, and where they have an amazingly tempting selection of cakes, all of us that went there for lunch were amazed at the sight of this, in hindsight I should have taken a picture of these cakes, so if you fancy some French looking cakes, macaroons or anything sweet, do head here.

After the casual bar with cakes you can go inside further and there is a restaurant, once again very trendy and it is one of the few places in Moscow that has that sort of European feel about it. The restaurant has high ceilings and shelves filled with magazines. Walls are decorated with various fashion magazine articles. Food is “modern European meets New American”. The waiters are better and more efficient than anywhere else in Moscow, the service is actually great here which is such a rarity in Moscow. The restaurant has white tablecloths, napkins that have “V” on them, the walls are decorated with photos, and it is not more expensive than other high end places in Moscow and London and I thought we actually had a great value for money meal there. The main chef is Yury Rozhkov, who has worked abroad, including in Michelin star restaurants, won many awards and has even written a book and you can come to Vogue Cafe and sample Yury’s cooking for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. 

We were in a great hurry as after our meal we had to rush to the airport to fly back to London so when we sat down we told the waiters that we only had 30 minutes for our meal, and they said they will try to accommodate us, and they did and the food arrived very quickly which meant we were done in 35 minutes, which to be honest with you, I did not expect. They brought all the food to us as soon as it was ready, but we did not mind. The menu has Russian classics as well as European and Asian dishes (and of course sushi rolls, like all Moscow restaurants) and they also do a lunch special for each day that has a salad, soup and a main course, which Mark chose.

I ordered a borsch and one of their vegetarian courses, which made me very sentimental, as I have had this as a child in Latvia a lot, grechka with white mushrooms. My borsch was excellent, one of the best borsches in Moscow in terms of the taste of the soup, it was delicious. The only thing is that it had no meat, and I find it so strange how all restaurants list borsch as a soup on their menu and half of them have meat and half of them down, so you sort of have to guess or ask as it is not obvious whether you will get meat or not. It could be quite traumatic for a vegetarian ordering a borsch thinking it would be vegetarian and then getting meat. The grechka had a lot of butter or oil in it, I could not really distinguish, and it made it very tasty to eat, but not the healthiest thing. I enjoyed it though, and it was interesting to have delicious mushrooms with it, a nice way how to serve grechka, which I have not seen before.

Mark’s set menu featured a vegetable salad, cream of mushroom soup, which Mark really enjoyed, as well as pasta with cream and mushrooms, and Mark really liked the dishes and this place for lunch. Brunella ordered “Baku ripe tomatoes with fresh homemade cheese” and for her main course “.Chilean sea bass with a Vietnamese salad”. Brunella said she also really enjoyed both of these dishes, and I tasted some of the seabass and it was excellent and to me tasted a bit like black cod, and I also very much liked the Asian inspired side salad with carrots, coriander and other things.

This was an excellent place for lunch, our meal did not cost that much by Moscow standards, which is surprising as we were in the heart of the best area in Moscow, and the food was very good. There is something for everyone at the Vogue Café, and I actually think this is a great place for tourists to try Russian food as it will be a bit Europeanized and served in a very modern and appealing way. Will be coming back when I am in Moscow.

Date: 04/ 10/ 13
Location: Moscow
Price for 3 people, no alcohol: RUB 4430 (£84) and I left £10 service charge

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Vogue Cafe
ул. Кузнецкий Мост, 7/9
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