Nov 17 2012

Wapping Project


My friend Svetlana has a new boyfriend and we all wanted to meet him so we arranged a dinner for 6 of us (3 couples) and we decided to go to Wapping Project as some of us (not me) had already been there and thought it was very cool (the last time one of the couples went there they had a “raunchy dance show” in the middle of the dinner, as this place is very artistic and part restaurant and part gallery). Wapping Project is (as you guessed) located in Wapping in the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, and the atmosphere inside is amazing, as the ceilings are so high, literally 5 floors high, it is a mix of old and new, with old crumbling walls and new furniture and stairs and also old machines from the Power Station times in one corner of the room. I loved the cool and funky vibe inside there. The large room was empty when we arrived at 7.30 but by around 9 every single table had been taken and there was a great vibe inside with people chatting and just having a good time. The menu was very funky (which kind of goes with the atmosphere of this place), and it did raise a few eyebrows from one of our dinner buddies who is Russian and thought it was strange. For my starter I ordered the “burrata with brown shrimp, courgette and cured sardine”, and even though this combination sounded not very typical and I have not seem burrata being served with any of these things before, I was very keen to try it, as I liked all the different ingredients. And even though some of the other people on our table that ordered it (3 out of 6 people ordered this as a starter, so clearly was a winning starter) were not so keen on it, I loved how the nice and creamy burrata went with the courgettes which had a plain taste and then with the very strong sardine and the brown shrimps. Very interesting but it worked for me. The only criticism that I could make is that I have had better and creamier burrata, but still it was good. Ashley had the “duck broth with wheat, porcini, fois gras, tarragon and radish”, as the waitress told me this was one of their kind of signature dishes which a lot of people ordered, and as Ashley was late for dinner and I had to order the starter for him, I chose this. Ashley did like it, and I also tried it and for some reason the strange ingredients here once again just worked for me. The duck broth was extremely strong and flavorsome and it was interesting to eat the fois gras like this in a soup, and the nice thinly sliced radishes that were floating on top of the broth were lovely to go with the rest. The other starter that our table had (2 people had the duck broth) was the “black ink rice with seaweed and pickled clams” and I tasted a bit of this as well and have to say it was also extremely nice, the seaweed worked so well with the rice, really lovely and full of flavor dish, and if I could have another starter I would probably have gone for this. For the main course, I (as well as the 2 other girls, so 100% of the girls thought this was the dish to have) ordered the “lamb rack with tahini, lentil puree, pepper, artichoke and chili”, and this was also another amazing dish. The lamb was delicious and nicely cooked, and I also liked how it had some fat on it, and the lamb went so amazingly well with the lentil puree that was sprinkled with chilies. I initially thought the lentil puree was hummus as it tasted like hummus, and it was just delicious and great to dip the lamb into it. The artichokes were also great, I love artichokes, and they went so well with the rest of the things on the plate. I finished the whole thing, and the rest of the girls also liked it very much. 2 of the guys on our table had the grouse for the main course which was served with “porcini and chestnut sauce, cocoa nibs and mustard frisee”, but note they did not like it, and thought it was “extremely gamey” and not great. Ashley had cod served with “lardo, leek, gribiche, salsify, crisps and salmon roe” and he thought it was an “ok cod”. I also tasted it, and did not think the cod was amazing and the rest of the things on the plate did not really make it exciting. For the desert we just had cocktails and they did some amazing sweet desert type of cocktails that some of the guys had (I had a pomegranate margarita which was good). I definitely think this is a funky place (even though on this occasion we did not see the raunchy dance), and the food is good and I love their creativity and what they do with the dishes. I was very impressed by Wapping Project.

Date: 17/11/12
Location: Wapping
Price for 6 people including bottles of wine and cocktails and service charge: £354.66

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Wapping Project
Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Wapping Hall E1W 3SG
United Kingdom
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