Apr 4 2015

Waverly Inn

Waverly Inn is quite an old (open in one form or another since 1920) restaurant in New York in West Village. Waverly Inn used to be quite popular with celebrities and the restaurant  has a reputation for being very hard to get into. I came here with a large group of girls and we booked this a few weeks before our dinner and did not have any problems getting a table (it was a late reservation for 9pm thought).

Waverly Inn is located in a Dickensian townhouse built in 1844 and overlooks another house which had a big group of people on a tour in front of it, as the manager explained it apparently has ghosts. The restaurant is practically hidden from the public and located on the ground floor and is very cosy and intimate restaurant. When you walk in there is a fireplace and a bar and when your table is ready you are escorted to your table and a lot of the tables are separated, so you don’t actually see most of the other dinners, which explains why celebrities would like this place. The décor is very cool/ trendy with statues of cats, various art pieces and the lighting is low, it is quite dark there, creating that intimate feel. It is also one of those places that does not want you to take any pictures, which I did (but because I tried so hard not to be seen they did not come out very well), and I am sure the waiters saw this but were nice enough not to tell me off.

Starters are $17 on average and main course $35 but can go up to $60 for the Dover Sole. The main executive chef is Ashley Merriman and Waverly Inn serves typical New York style food. I ordered the starter of “Iceberg Wedge Salad with buttermilk and blue cheese dressing, bacon lardons and cherry tomatoes” and a main course of “Grilled Dry-Aged New York Strip Steak”, but some of the other starters my friends ordered were the “Oysters On The Half Shell with house-made cocktail sauce and mignonette”, “Grilled Octopus with peanut potatoes, green goddess and lemon”, “Steak Tartare with chopped black truffle, arugula and parmesan”, ”Jonah Crab Cakes with tartar sauce and celery root coleslaw” and main courses of “Dover Sole with hollandaise and string beans”, “Pan-Seared Arctic Char with braised flageolet beans, artichoke, basil pesto and littleneck clams”, “Oven-Roasted Halibut with english peas, escargot, toasted garlic and parsley” and “Amish Chicken with potato terrine, bitter greens, balsamic-glazed cipollini and a mustard jus”.

I thought the food was good. I have read some reviews that say this place gets a lot of hype for average food, but I thought the food was good, and not too expensive for what you got and the setting. I really enjoyed my Iceberg Wedge Salad, the dressing and all the added things were delicious, it went well together. Sometimes I don’t like these salads as they have too much overpowering blue cheese dressing, but here they got it spot on! I was also pleasantly surprised how nice the steak was, it was tender, cooked medium and was a good cut. The other dishes that attracted my attention were the Amish Chicken and as the waiters explained it was chicken raised by Amish people, so very organic and I tried some and it was indeed very nice. Also Arctic Char got a lot of attention, as we did not know this was a fish at first, and Una who ordered it really liked it. Overall there were a lot of positive comments about the food. I also loved the chocolate with sea salt they brought us after our meal, it was one of the best chocolates I have had in a while.

I definitely think Waverly Inn has charm, I liked the food, the décor, the intimate surrounding, it felt quite special going there.

Date: 04/ 04/ 15
Location: New York
Price with alcohol: a bit less than $100/person

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Waverly Inn
16 Bank Street NY 10014
New York
United States
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