May 19 2014


When I googled best restaurants in Edinburgh, Wedgwood came up, so naturally I was keen to come here (Wedgwood has just been awarded Restaurant of the Year 2013 by Scottish Licensed Trade News for the third time). The main chef and owner of Wedgwood is Paul Wedgwood who together with Lisa Channon wanted to create a restaurant that would offer their “Perfect Night Out”, which means fine dining without the pretentiousness. This also means tables here are not “turned” and you can stay here as long as you want to and enjoy your meal as long as you want, which to me (a Londoner that is often thrown out of restaurants after having my 2h slot) sounds wonderful. As I came here for a quick lunch that lasted only an hour, I did not experience this though.

Paul and Lisa opened Wedgwood in 2007. Paul has worked in many restaurants in the Lake District and now he travels around the world regularly and includes everything he has seen and learnt in his dishes in Wedgwood. Paul is also renowned for using interesting wild herbs and salads which apparently feature regularly on the menu. I do have to say I found the menu very unusual when I came here for lunch, even a tiny bit weird, as they did not have the usual dishes you would expect to see on a menu (e.g. the menu had no piece of meat as a main course out of the 5 options). What also attracted my attention was how reasonably priced it was – 2 courses for £12.95 and 3 courses for £16.95 for lunch (you could choose from 5 different starters and 5 different main courses) – sort of prices you don’t see in London.

As my starter, I went for “grilled goats cheese, gazpacho sauce, wild garlic flowers” and I just found it a tiny bit strange. There was goats cheese lying in the gazpacho sauce and the goats cheese was super strong in flavor and needed something like a salad, bread, something to balance it out. The gazpacho was nice but did not do enough to balance the cheese. It was almost like eating a huge piece of goats cheese on its own, which was delicious, but would have been better enjoyed with something else. My lunch buddy went for “smoked salmon, poached leek, white wine saffron sauce” which he thought was ok and it looked quite nice.

As I said there was no steak (or any other type of meat) on the menu and another one of my lunch buddies really fancied it so we asked the kitchen if we could have it. After double checking they did say we could have a steak and it was served with chunky chips and looked quite good. I ordered “beef meatballs, wild garlic mash, cauliflower, jus”  which once again I found just a tiny bit strange, the presentation, the proportions, there was nothing wrong with the taste but just unusual to have such a dish on the menu. You can also see a dish of “sea bream, chrozio, pearl onion, peas, new potato, langoustine sauce” which looked very good and amazing value for money if you have this huge piece of fish and a starter for £12.95.

I don’t really know what to make of Wedgwood. Very unusual way how to serve British/ European food and I am not sure all of it worked, but having said that great ingredients used and great value for money.

Date: 19/ 05/ 14
Location: Edinburgh
Price for 3 people, no alcohol and no service charge: £69.75 (and I paid £77.25 leaving some service charge) 




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