Jan 3 2013

William Thornton

William Thornton or Willy T as the people who know it call it, is a floating boat that has one of the best bars in the British Virgin Islands and also a restaurant serving burger and seafood type of food. We went there for dinner and when we got there at 7.30 it was already super busy and we found it hard to find a place where to park our dinghy. On one side of the old boat is the bar, which was already buzzing at this time, but we went to the restaurant first.

The restaurant (if I can call it that) is just wooden tables, a lot of them long and meant to be shared by many diners and we took one of them and studied the menu that I got from the kitchen booth located on one side of the boat. I asked the waiters what to order and they told me they had a very good wahoo steak (the boat instructor the previous day had told us that Willy T people catch their own fish so they would have super fresh fish) and wahoo fish is a fish that lives in the Caribbean, and I chose to order that. We also got a chicken roti, as roti is a traditional West Indian type of food and I had been very keen to try it ever since I got to the Caribbean. Chicken Roti is a chicken curry wrapped in an East Indian flatbread and it was accompanied with some fries and a mango chutney. I also went to the bar and ordered 2 painkillers, a drink that was invented in the BVI, and we drank that whilst waiting for the food. The wahoo steak was good, the fish is very meaty and they gave you two huge chunks of it. I did like it, and it did feel fresh, although for me it was a bit too overcooked and I would have liked it a tiny bit less cooked. Also the thing I find quite funny in the BVI is how they like to serve everything with fries, every single thing, be it a wahoo steak, a roti, a mahi mahi sandwich is served with unhealthy fries. The chicken roti I thought was nice and it was a huge flatbread filled with chicken, my boyfriend however was less keen on it.

After our meal we moved on to the bar, and the bar is where all the action is, and if you ever got to Norman Island you should end up. You usually see a lot of nudity, we did not see it ourselves on this occasion, but there is a computer showing pictures of past events that shows a lot of nude bits that have been flashed in Willy T. The bar was buzzing, full of people that were drinking and having a great time. After us spending some time in the bar we asked for the cheque and we wanted to pay by card but they don’t take cards unless the bill is $100 or over so we had to use cash, so remember that if you go to Willy T. Overall the food was ok, but the atmosphere was the really cool thing at Willy T so do go there in the evening to see that.

Date: 03/01/13
Location: Norman Island, British Virgin Islands
Price for 2 including 6 cocktails: $65 (and I left $10 tip)

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