Jun 23 2014

Wingfield Restaurant


I went to Wimbledon for half a day to watch beautiful tennis and before going to the court, I stopped at the Wingfield Restaurant for some quick lunch. Wingfield Restaurant is located inside the Wimbledon tennis grounds (so you need a ticket for tennis to go there) on the 1st floor of the Centre Court Building above The Tea Lawn. If you don’t have any preferential treatment and don’t have access to the private area, this is the best restaurant to have lunch.

Wingfield Restaurant offers a set lunch for £64 and you can have 3 courses and as much wine as you want (within reason). I did not think the food was particularly exciting. You could chose from three different starters and I went for the “traditional servern and wye smoked salmon” with lemon wedge and cracked black pepper which was extremely plain and boring starter-  just salmon with some other things on the plate. My lunch buddy chose the “confit of duck and chicken terrine with bitter leaf, orange and pomegranate salad” which looked a bit more exciting than my salmon but Paul did not think it was that great.

For our main course both of us chose one of the hot main courses (you had a choice of three hot main courses and 3 cold main courses) – “Birchestead sirloin marinated in thyme and garlic wih slow roasted shallots, roasted summer vegetables in a tomato dressing and rosti poatoe” and once more the name of the dish sounded much more complicated than the actual dish that appeared –steak with potato and vegetables. This restaurant has a skill of making their dishes sound a lot better on the menu than they are when they appear. I did think the steak was good actually, it was tender and good, but just the whole garnish and the way the plate was structured was quite uninspiring. I could definitely serve at home this sort of salmon and steak at a dinner party without putting in too much effort.

My dessert was “Kentish strawberries and blackberries with Cornish clotted cream” which I actually thought was great, as the strawberries were big and very delicious (although there was a bit too much clotted cream for my liking). You can also see in the pictures Paul’s dessert.

I do like the fact that Wingfield Restaurant tries to serve British food and be in the whole spirit of Wimbledon and British, but I really did not think the food and wine (I only managed to drink a bit) were worth £64. It is a huge restaurant with around 200 seats (I am guessing, but it is huge), so I do sympathize with the fact that they have to feed so many people at the same time and can’t be too creative with their dishes, but I almost think it is more enjoyable to have a hot dog and some champagne which you can find in abundance at the tennis grounds.

Price for 2 people with service charge: £140.80
Location: Wimbledon
Date: 23/ 06/ 14

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Wingfield Restaurant
The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Church Road SW19 5AE
United Kingdom
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