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I do like unhealthy food and I love the occasional pizza, burger or fried stuff, but Wishbone just took it too far and after a few bites of their food I was feeling like my arteries were getting blocked and I was one step nearer to a heart attack.

Wishbone has generated a lot of hype all throughout last year. The restaurants opening kept getting delayed and many people were writing a lot about it last year before and after the opening. Wishbone is located in the very trendy Brixton Market (unit 12) and as I was scared it was going to be very full and hard to get a table I went there for an early dinner on a Friday evening at 6pm. When we arrived only a few tables were occupied and when we left an hour later the place had not got busier (which is not the case for the surrounding restaurants which were buzzing with queues outside at 7pm). The restaurant inside is ok, there is a downstairs area and an upstairs one, and we sat downstairs on stools and tall wooden tables and there is a bar to one side, where I ordered their traditional lemonade mix with vodka. 

Wishbone focuses on chicken (very very deep fried) and from the menu you can chose 3 different types of chicken thighs (salt n pepa, buffalo and Thai), 3 different types of chicken wings (buffalo, Korean and chicken shop), as well as things like chicken fried dog, tower block (which has chicken and hash browns, jalapenos etc) and chicken sandwich. And to go with all this food you can chose from 7 different sides. There were a lot of things we wanted to try and it was the 2 of us, so we knew we were over ordering, but as the food was not that expensive we decided to go for it and just order all the things that we fancied (we only managed to finish 1/3 of all the food we ordered). We chose the salt n pepa thighs, Korean wings, I also wanted to try the fried chicken pieces but they did not have those on the menu so we also got chicken shop wings and as sides fries, hot mess and deep fried mac n cheese. The funny thing was that from all the dishes we ordered the fries were the healthiest thing, and when I thought I was eating too much fat, I actually had a bit of fries to balance it out, which understandably sounds totally bizarre. The chicken thighs had a nice salt and pepper flavour, but they had so much fried stuff around them and so little chicken, it almost felt like they were using less chicken than KFC. The Korean wings were very salty and once again had a very strong flavour but out of all the food we had seemed like the healthiest option from all the chicken dishes. The Chicken shop wings had this super thick barbecue coating (which I have taken a special picture off) and once again very little chicken. It was good, strong flavour, but because of how heavy this was I could only manage 1 piece.

The sides (apart from the fries, which were average, served with an okeyish spicy tomato sauce) were even unhealthier. I have tried to take pictures of all the sides as I am holding them just to show you all the ingredients and cheese and all sorts of other stuff that went into it. The deep fried mac n cheese is I think the unhealthiest thing I have ever seen and I only managed to finish half of one piece (each piece was a small rectangular block). It had a bit of macaroni in there and an enormous amount of cheese and then it was all deep-fried. The hot mash consisted of hash browns with jalapeno peppers and cheese and even the hash browns without the cheese felt extremely unhealthy and were a bit soggy and if you had them with cheese, this was another super heavy thing to eat.

I think getting the right balance between unhealthy and edible and unhealthy and inedible food is a skill. Rita’s Bar and Dining in Hackney is the perfect example how to create unhealthy food that is delicious and you can still eat, but Wishbone just went a bit too far for me. None of the food I really enjoyed, the flavours were strong, very salty and I felt like I was eating nothing beneficial to me, and I am so disappointed by this as I have been wanting to go to Wishbone for months now.

Date: 03/05/13
Price for 2 with some alcohol: £32.50 (and we left £4 service charge)
Location: Brixton

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Unit 12 Market Row, Brixton Market, SW9 8BR
United Kingdom
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