Apr 5 2013

Wok to Walk


Many foreign concepts are entering Latvia and every time I go back home I am always impressed and surprised with what you can find these days in Latvia and the new cool thing that Riga has discovered is wok fried Asian type of food. I once, a long time ago, went to what I think was the first this type of restaurant serving wok food that the chain “Vairak Saules” opened up on Dzirnavu street and I really did not like it, but I was willing to give wok food in Riga another go in a place called “Wok to Walk” which is located close to the old town. My brother was telling me how much he likes this place and that he sometimes comes here for lunch and has noodles and chicken and a spicy sauce but you can be much more creative with the food if you want to. 


The restaurant is in a very good location, on a main street, and many people walk past it to get to one of Riga’s main shopping malls “Galerija Centrs”, which is located next to the restaurant. The place has a bright orange sign outside the restaurant so it attracts attention and you will notice it from far away. The inside of the restaurant is decorated in the same welcoming and bright orange colour. In the restaurant you order at the till and then you specify whether you want to get your food in small asian type of take away box that you see in American movies (I have never seen these type of boxes in London Chinese take away) or if you want to eat in, in which case you will get a wide, white and nice looking large plate. 


You can have your meal with 6 different carbs, udon noodles, rice noodles, egg noodles, wheat base noodles, rice and a 6th type of thing that I can’t remember but which is something similar and by the till there is a stand with all these different types of noodles so you can see them and make the best decision. My brother had the egg noodles and I chose udon noodles and I was very positively surprised to see so many different noodles in a Latvian restaurant as I think this is probably one of the few places where you can get udon or wheat based noodles. After choosing which carbohydrate you want, you can chose what you want to add and there is a choice of chicken, beef, pork and various vegetables, and each vegetable costs around 0.5LVL, and my brother did not want anything and I chose bamboo shoots and peppers, but you can have corn, broccoli and many other vegetables. You don’t have to chose cabbage, that is automatically added to your dish, but to go with the vegetables, meat and noodles or rice you can also chose which sauce you want to have and my brother chose a spicy Asian sauce (I am used to Asian and African spicy levels and this sauce to me was not spicy at all and I could not taste any spiciness at all, but my brother who is not used to spicy food thought it was spicy) and I chose a garlic and soy type of sauce. After you have chosen everything you can watch 2 young men cook all your ingredients together in a wok pan and after they are done, voila your dish is ready. 


I tasted both my dish and my brother’s dish and I personally did not like any. I thought the sauce ruined the tasted of the dish, it was overpowering and not very nice and I should have chosen a different sauce. This is actually one of my biggest problems when I create my own stir fry, I always seem to get this wrong and not create a very tasty thing. I did however like how much they gave you and even though the takeaway box which both of us chose as we had to run and could not eat in, looked quite small from the outside it contained a lot and I could not finish everything and this can be a decent lunch for someone. My brother really liked his created dish, even though I did not like it, so clearly we have different taste buds, and this shows this place will be a hit for some people, but despite this, as I said I liked the big portions and I also like the quality of ingredients and the choice and everything feels fresh and good quality. 


If you like stir fry and wok fried food, this is a cool little place which uses good ingredients and will fill you up and not cost too much, but as I said be careful in choosing the sauce as they can be extremely overpowering and take over the taste of the dish so you can’t taste the nice fresh ingredients. 


Date: 05/04/13

Price for 1 person per portion: LVL 3.50 (what my brother paid) and LVL 4.20 (what I paid)

Location: Riga 




update on Wok to Walk

I was walking through Soho in London the other day and I noticed Wok to Walk restaurant. At first I was very surprised, as I though this was a Latvian restaurant (as my review shows) but ever since seeing the restaurant in Soho, I have learnt that Wok to Walk is a franchise restaurant and it is located in many cities in Europe. This does not change my rating or my review, just interesting to know and if you see Wok to Walk in another city, at least you will know this is not a Latvian idea. 


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Wok to Walk
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