Oct 2 2014

Yashin Ocean House


Whenever people ask me which are my favourite Japanese restaurants, I always mention Yashin (MMMMM) as one of them. I was therefore very excited when Yashin opened another restaurant called Yashin Ocean House on Old Brompton Road, South Kensington. Just like Yashin, Yashin Ocean House is a modern Japanese restaurant that serves delicious sushi and other Japanese dishes.

One of the problems with Yashin has always been that it is quite a small restaurant, which does make it intimate, but means you are sometimes quite squeezed in there, and they have taken this on board and Yashin Ocean House is much bigger and feels different to Yashin. Whilst at Yashin half the seats are around the bar where you can watch sushi chefs make the most amazing sushi and sashimi, in Yashin Ocean House you do have some seats by the bar, but you mainly sit by tables.

Yashin Ocean House has been open for a year, but the waiter was telling me how they recently changed their menu and now it resembles more the menu of Yashin, which I could certainly see. This has meant they are getting a lot more people in. Because of this increased number of people coming, they have serious service problems. I am quite bad at noticing good service, but I definitely notice bad service and I had one of the worst service experiences at Yashin Ocean House, I have ever had. It was so bad that for the first time in my life I asked for the service charge to be halved, I did not want to pay the full 12.5%. We had to wait a long long time for our food to arrive, and to get any attention from the waiters, when we asked for drinks the first two times they would forget and only bring it to us when we asked for the third time. The list of issues goes on. The table next to us were waiting for the menu for so long and then for someone to come and take their order, after 30minutes of being ignored, they just walked out. I have not seen anything like this, that a table is ignored for so long, they just leave.

Besides the service problems, the food was amazing, and the reason why we were still very happy with our meal. The menu was divided into appetizers, salads, carpaccio and sashimi, hot dishes, Yashin rolls and Omakase sushi. We ordered things from each section. From the appetizer section we ordered “cod cheek with chilli amazu” which the waiter recommended, as well as Shime Saba or cured mackerel with cucumber. Both dishes were beautifully presented, just like things at Yashin are, with the utmost attention to detail and with a variety of textures and shapes of ingredients. We also ordered a salad “seasonal vegetable plate” which once again was beautiful and had crunchy and some slightly pickled vegetables, arranged like a little garden.

From the carpaccio and sashimi section we ordered “yellow tail with orange soy” as well as “wagyu beef loin with wasabi dressing”, delicious little plates with fresh meat and fish and great dressing. My dinner buddy Rob prefers hot dishes and so was in charge of ordering the hot dish section and chose “teriyaki yellow tail” and “salt koji marinated grouper with lemon gel and honey foam”. I slightly preferred the yellow tail but both dishes were delicious and left us wanting more.

The best part of the meal, at least for me, were the sushi. We ordered the Omakase twelve sushi, or twelve amazingly hand made with huge detail, like Yashin does, sushi. Each piece was absolutely beautiful and featured a different type of fish or meat, decorated. The fish was fresh and just mouth-watering delicious, and just like in Yashin, they don’t give you soy sauce and tell you to enjoy the dish as it is. We also got a vegetable roll as part of the Omakase sushi dish. Also on the menu, I noticed a roll that I had when I was last at Yashin and which I loved, “wagyu sukiyaki” or seared wagyu beef with an egg yolk sauce, so we ordered this. We were given the most delicious wagyu beef rolls and each one you dipped into the egg yolk and soy sauce mix and it was amazing. It was my favourite dish and a few of my other dinner buddies agreed that they also thought it was one of the best dishes of the night. You have to have this next time you are in Yashin or Yashin Ocean House.

After this delicious meal however we were not feeling completely full and ordered two more dishes, the watarigani roll which had deep fried soft shell blue crab with sweet soy and a hot dish of fois gras and wild seabass with yuzu miso. I loved the roll and the seabass was good as well.

I personally prefer Yashin over Yashin Ocean House, mainly because of the service, as it did really impact my night at  Yashin Ocean House, but also because Yashin is more intimate and I do like that sort of restaurants. However the food at Yashin Ocean House was amazing, we had a wonderful Japanese meal. For the food, I do recommend this place, although once again prefer Yashin. Yashin and Yashin Ocean House are not cheap, but you know what you pay for.

Date: 02/ 10/ 2014
Price for 4 people with alcohol and only half the service charge: £298.10
Location: South Kensington

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Yashin Ocean House
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