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Yauatcha is a Chinese restaurant, owned by the same people that own Hakkasan, and besides a restaurant in Soho, London, there are also two restaurants in two different cities in India. Yauatcha opened in 2004 and within a year of opening got a Michelin star and Yauatcha calls itseld a “contemporary dim sum teahouse”, so a modern reinterpretation of the old Chinese teahouse, and you can go there for lunch and dim sum and during the evening for a Chinese meal. 


I have been to Yauatcha a few times and I am always impressed with the design, which has been created by Christian Liaigre, and I just think all the restaurants within the Hakkasan group are so beautiful. When you enter the restaurant you can see a range of macaroons and chocolates that the restaurant sells, that are so tempting, and I always end up spending alot of time looking at them, as well as  a wide range of Chinese and Indian teas. There is also an open-plan layout and visible kitchen and you can either sit upstairs or downstairs and I have done both.


Unfortunately I did not take many pictures when I last went to Yauatcha (see some below), but you should trust me when I say the food is very good. It is very similar to Chinese food in Hakkasan, but I personally prefer the food in Hakkasan, but for a very good Chinese meal, in a very trendy and beautiful location, do go to Yauatcha. 


Date: 15/ 02/ 12

Location: Soho

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15-17 Broadwick Street, W1F 0DL
United Kingdom
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