Oct 9 2013

You & Me Bar

You & Me Bar is a restaurant in the centre of Warsaw. Ed and I were visiting Warsaw and fancied some food and our driver dropped us off on Żurawia street that had many restaurants and he told us we could chose to have lunch in the one we liked the look of the most and we chose the You & Me Bar, as it had the most European food and it seemed quite casual and nice.

The restaurant has two floors, the ground floor and the upstairs and we sat on the ground floor. You could also sit outside on comfortable sofas and overlook the street. The inside can apparently accommodate 150 people and it has orange walls, leather chairs and is sort of plain, an interior you have seen before, so nothing interesting but not bad as well. I did not go to the first floor but according to the website it is smaller and can accommodate up to 80 people and is perfect for relaxing meetings and has a “unique “cattish” atmosphere”, not that I understand or know what that means, and the most exclusive shows take place there.

The menu at You & Me Bar was quite plain listing International/ European dishes (with some Polish influences) you would expect to see anywhere, and apparently they use natural, selected products from the local suppliers to create their dishes. Ed and I both just wanted one dish and both of us went for the Caesar salad, but Ed chose to have it with prawns and I had it with chicken. I was super disappointed to see that my Caesar salad arrived with chicken that had been topped with a Thai sweet chilli sauce. This is the sort of mistake restaurants in Eastern Europe make, they try to be trendy and add what they think are cool things when it is just plain wrong. There was too much going on in my salad, there was the chilli sauce and the Caesar salad sauce, and I did not like it too much. You really should know how to make a Caesar salad. Having said that, Ed’s salad was not that bad, the prawns in the dish were not covered in any sort of a sauce and it looked a bit better than my salad, but not amazing.

It is not very reliable to judge a restaurant by just one/ two dishes, so do bear in mind that and maybe if I come here again and have something different, I will have a much better experience, but as it currently stands, the décor and the food did not impress me that much.

Date: 09/ 10/ 13
Location: Warsaw
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and no service charge: 50PLN (£10)

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You & Me Bar
Żurawia 6/12
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