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One of my friends told me I had to go to Zucca as according to him it is one of the best Italian restaurants in London which charged very reasonable prices. I felt very surprised I had not heard of Zucca before if it was so good but after doing a bit more research and talking to some friends about Zucca, the few people that knew this place loved it and did agree Zucca was a very good value for money Italian restaurant. I was very surprised, when I first called and tried to book it, to find out that they had everything fully booked for the next few weeks, which did indicate a lot of people thought this was a great restaurant. 


Zucca is located on the very trendy Bermondsey Street near London Bridge. The restaurant serves modern Italian food and the décor is super light and bright, it has white tables, white walls but it does not feel sterile like some of these type of places can be, it just feels clean and pleasant. The only strange thing that I found was that there were 2 toilers, one for men and the other one for disabled people, women and men, so women could only use 1 toilet and men could use 2. 


When we were studying the menu the waitress brought us “compliments from the chef”, nice crostini with chickpea puree and some sundried tomatoes on top, which were delicious. The menu was a one page A4 piece of paper and had about 8 starters, 2 pasta dishes and 6 main courses, both meat and fish. The waitress also told us about the 3 specials that they had and we chose one of these specials as one of our dishes. 


My boyfriend and I are huge fans of sharing food, just because we like to try as many dishes as we possibly can and for the starter we shared some burrata with beetroots (chosen by me) and some polenta with potted shrimps (chosen by him). The burrata was perfect, the white (and very delicious) burrata and the colourful beetroots made this dish very vibrant and appealing to look at. This was a very smart and at the same time simple dish and I always think any dish that makes beetroot taste superb is very skilfully created. The polenta with potted shrimps was also extremely nice and I never used to know what potted shrimps were before my boyfriend started casually ordering them in restaurants and ever since I know what they are, I really like them. The polenta in this dish was very nice and I remember thinking this was probably the nicest polenta I have had (I have not had that many). 


For the main course we had arranged to share the special which was ravioli with cod served in a tomato sauce with some Parmesan cheese and spinach and a dish of oxtail served with polenta. The waitress brought us the pasta dish first to share before we moved on to the oxtail. The pasta was great, this is probably the first time I was having ravioli that was not filled with either meat or cheese, so I thought this was quite creative and different and also delicious. But the best dish in Zucca was the oxtail, and I so did not expect that as I would not normally chose this from the menu, but the waitress suggested we have it, and the meat was so delicious and tender and falling off the bone and it was amazing to eat it with the red sauce the oxtail was served in and the polenta. This polenta had a slightly different texture and taste to the one of the starter, but it worked so well with the dish, I was truly surprised about how much I liked it and wanted to eat this. As a side dish to this amazing oxtail we had some tomatoes, the really long ones, drizzled with some salty type of cheese and onions and this was a very nice tomato dish. 


I was in such an ecstatic and happy mood after my meal at Zucca, as the food was so tasty, I had no need to have a desert. If you like Italian food, I definitely recommend Zucca for a wonderful meal full of great ingredients and flavours and for a very reasonable price. They could easily charge twice as much like some of the Knightsbridge Italian restaurants and still be fully booked for the next few weeks, but it is so nice they don’t.


Price for 2, no alcohol, including service charge: £60.70

Date: 15/ 08/12

Location: Bermondsey Street, London Bridge


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184 Bermondsey Street, London Borough of Southwark, SE1
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