10 Seymour Place W1H 7ND
United Kingdom


Donostia is a Basque tapas restaurant located less than 5 min walk north from Marble Arch. I was very excited to go there, as I have never had Basque tapas before, never been to the Basque country, even though I have always wanted to go. I thought the décor of the place was quite plain, the bar stools looked better than the sit down tables, and it did feel a bit sterile in there. My boyfriend was running 15min late (said he could not find the place!!) so whilst I was waiting I ordered “Blistered padron peppers with sea salt”, a dish I have in all the tapas restaurants I go to, and in Donostia the padron peppers were not as salty as usual, not sure if that is a good or a bad thing (less tasty but better for my health).

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