Leon de Bruxelles
24 Cambridge Circus WC2H 8AA
United Kingdom


I went there as this was a newly opened place (on Shaftesbury avenue and Tottenham Court Road corner, so super central and good location) and Hardens website reviewed this place, but was left disappointed. As the name suggests this is a Belgian restaurant and they serve mussels, like Belgos. But I did not like this place, as: 1) I was freezing, their heater had broken down and I had my dinner whilst wearing my Latvian fur coat); 2) the mussels were not that good, the sauce (I had the Dijonaise mussels - see in the picture) was not great, the quality of mussels was not amazing. The fries were ok, but hard to mess them up and Belgo's is 5x better for this type of food; 3) interior/ ambience is boring

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