I Fratelli
60 Avenue Pierre Mendes , 75013


I Fratelli is an Italian restaurant on the left bank of the Seine, in Paris. It is a cosy restaurant with the waitresses and staff involved in what they do and a spacious inside dining area and also an outside dining area. The chairs and tables are efficient. The menu consists of Italian dishes you would expect to see in an Italian restaurant.

I came here for lunch with my friend Alexandre and I ordered their lasagne and Alexandre went for the scallop risotto. Risotto looked nice, creamy and with scallops on top of it, although usually in a scallop risotto it is pink due to the scallop roe that is used in cooking it, and here the scallops may have been added to the risotto after cooking. My lasagne was good, it was soft, with the right proportions of beef sauce, white sauce and pasta and even though it was a large portion it was so comforting to eat, I finished the whole thing.

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