Bob Bob Ricard
1 Upper James Street Soho W1F 9DF
United Kingdom


This place bring back so many nice memories for me. My boyfriend wanted to take me there on our first date (it was closed so he could not), but we did go there on one of our first dates and this is a lovely place located in Soho, that serves some traditional russian dishes (the best presented russian dishes I have seen in London so far) but mainly European food. The place is very cool, has a bar downstairs and the dining area on the ground floor is very trendy and each table has its own champagne buzzer!!!! The virgin mary I ordered came yellow (the color of a lemonade) as they only use the good part of the tomatoe and not the skin, very impressive (and it was quite tasty as well!!!). As a starter we had pelmeni (traditional Russian dumplings), which were delicious served with sour cream and vinegrette and vareniki (another type of dumpling, this time vegetarian) - see both in pictures.

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