53 Lexington Street W1F 9AS
United Kingdom


BAO is probably one of the most popular restaurants in London at the moment. It is a Taiwanese restaurant serving a range of Taiwanese dishes but focusing on bao, a “pillowy soft cloudy steamed bun” which at BAO is made using milk. The restaurant is located in Soho and for dinner opens at 5.30. We arrived at 6pm to face a queue and could get into the restaurant at around 6.30. The lady at the door was lovely and explained that each table takes around 45min to 1h and the restaurant is very small, but the queue does move. When we left the restaurant at around 7.45 (more than 1h for us), there was still a huge queue and BAO has had the luck of being loved by food bloggers, since it opened, which has contributed to this craze for BAO and the constant queue at any time of the day.

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